The soothing winds of Corozal Town always remind Roberto Leal where his moment of creativity was born. The distant clouds spread out in the blue sky and their reflection on the ocean's surface always bring him a sense of peace. Belize is a place forever etched in his heart for it is here where his story begins.
Creativity is something that has captivated him throughout his journey. Creativity propels him to continue on a journey towards finding creative peace. Growing up he would always find comfort in nature and admire her beauty. The way the wind brushed color to everything it touched would inspire him to write prose and poetry.

Roberto | Photographer & Cinematographer

Writing mesmerized him and it was etched into his heart ever since. It began with poetry, which he used as a means to capture the beauty of nature and the world around him. Slowly it consumed him and he saw how one could use it as a means to capture moments in our lives. He wanted to learn more about poetry and so he picked up a few books but he never enjoyed reading. The books bore him and he thought them useless until George Eliot's powerful writing forever changed his views on books when he read Silas Marner. It was then that he took up prose and began to write for it was poetry's partner in crime. Writing has stayed with him and will never leave him.

Corozal Town, Belize, and the bay.

Art was a brief passion he found during his school days—one he comes back to often. He would spend hours trying to replicate other artists but eventually took the bold step to trying to replicate nature. It was a challenge for him but he never gave up and so he held on to it until that day when a friend introduced him Photoshop.

Photoshop soon became his next adventure and so began his digital journey.
He spent every hour he could on Photoshop, forgetting assignments and chores at times, until he was familiar with it. But knowing how to use Photoshop was not enough so he chose to find a way on how best to use the software. It was then that educating himself on graphic design theory took hold of him.

Graphic Design was something he slowly fell in love with and it took over him. The theory all convinced him that it was something he could use to do some good in the world and so he searched the vast web for any knowledge on the subject. All the principles changed his outlook of things in the world and the more he learned the more he decided it was something he wanted as part of his life. There was a moment during this journey when he realized the importance of typography and remembered his writing journey. It was at that moment that he knew graphic design would stay with him forever. There could be nothing else that he could like more than this he thought then.

Video Production took hold of him one day and he knew then it would be a passion he would never part with. Video was another form of writing to him, with the only difference being visual writing. He became very passionate about video production for he had finally found a way to tell all the stories he wanted to share. His mind is forever capturing the frames of life and to eventually transforms them into stories he hopes to tell the world one day.

To be continued . . .

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